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Imagine... the flexibility and freedom of a private rental but with the peace of mind and security of Student accommodation...

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December 16, 2016 by yourspaceapts

You are expensive, are you worth it?

Yes, for three reasons:-

1)      All our apartments, even our studios, are significantly bigger than a normal student apartment.  Plus they include more facilities such as your own clothes washer/dryer and a dishwasher.

2)      We offer almost total flexibility in the rental period so you are not paying for time you don’t need.  We have calculated that a contract of 51 week instead of 35 weeks (if that is all you need) can be equivalent to paying over £100 extra per week.

3)      We include loads more, in particular the weekly housekeeping with supplies of bedding, towels and toilet rolls etc.


Can I book the apartments for just the dates I need?

Yes, subject only to a minimum of 30 weeks.  You can arrive and depart on exactly the day you want, giving just 4 weeks notice for your departure.


Is the apartment suitable for 2 people?

Yes, all of our apartments offer plenty of space for 2 people. Even our studio apartments have space for relaxing on the sofa that is separate from space for sleeping.  Additionally, if you are a couple then all our beds are at least a full double bed size, many are even kingsize.


Can I break my contract early?

Yes, subject to a minimum of 30 weeks and a final notice of 4 weeks.  Alternatively, you can look for someone suitable to take over your apartment, in which case we will only charge a small admin fee.


What if my arrival date changes?

If you need to arrive earlier there is no problem, subject only to availability.   If you need to arrive later then

·         up to 1 week there is no problem – just let us know. 

·         more than 1 week – we require 2 weeks notice.


What are the options for paying the rent and deposit?

Deposit (4 weeks) and rent is due before you move in but you can choose then to pay monthly or termly.  Whichever you chose, payment is required in advance of the period covered.  Alternatively, there are discounts if you want to pay for the full academic year in advance.  The deposit is returned after departure less any costs incurred (e.g. damage, unpaid bills, etc.)


Do I need a UK guarantor for my rent?

Not necessarily.  If you are not able to provide a UK guarantor then you can do one of two things, you can either pay the full amount, including deposit, in advance or you can sign an arrangement with a UK guarantor company.  We don’t recommend any particular company but we are able to provide some details – just ask.


What is included in the weekly housekeeping?

We will clean the whole apartment for you, including changing the bedding and providing clean towels.  We will also restock your apartment with the basic provisions including toilet rolls, bin liners and light bulbs.  We only ask that you leave the place tidy in the morning so we can access all the surfaces and floor.  Then you come home to a lovely clean apartment with a sweet smelling bed to snuggle into. 


Can I have a pet?

We are happy to accept some pets into some of our locations – please talk to us to discuss your pet.


What happens if I get locked out or need help?

You call us!  We are available 24 hours a day, though out-of-hours calls should only be for emergencies such as fire/flood/etc.


Can I have friends around for the evening or to stay the night?

Yes, it is your apartment.  The only thing we ask is that you don’t disturb your neighbours and that your guests don’t make an extended stay.


What happens if I am being disturbed by my neighbours?

You just need to let us know and we will have a word.  We won’t say who you are and if they refuse to change their behavior, we will require them to leave.  Essentially, we are not a student block of accommodation and we operate a zero tolerance policy to disturbance, including noise and illegal activity.