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Imagine... the flexibility and freedom of a private rental but with the peace of mind and security of Student accommodation...


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Cambridge Apartments – Homes for Students and Academics

The next generation in Cambridge accommodation for students and academics. Cambridge Apartments offers a unique service providing beautiful apartments with unrivalled support to those studying at, or working in, the Cambridge universities.

Our serviced accommodation is designed to suit:-

  • students from abroad looking for a safe, supported living space with the comforts of home where they can live and study without worry
  • students looking to step into private rental accommodation without losing the security of student accommodation
  • post-grads looking for space to live independently but without the distraction of having to look after the bills etc.
  • student/academic couples who want space in a quiet environment
  • students who don’t want to pay for accommodation they won’t be around to use (flexible rental periods)

Make Cambridge Apartments your home.

Coming to Cambridge?

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    Some comments that our previous tenants have made

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch

    Cambridge Apartments aims to find the right apartment for every tenant.  We work with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010 and encourage all those thinking of renting one of our apartments to talk to us about their particular accommodation needs. We will be happy to advise you on the best accommodation option we can offer so as to make your time in a Cambridge Apartment as easy as possible, leaving you to concentrate on your studies.

    Your apartment

    We have apartments in 9 different locations around Cambridge, all close to the city centre. So you can chose the one that is the closest to where you are studying/working.

    We have apartments in 9 blocks in Cambridge, all within easy walk of the city centre. You can choose the one that is nearest to your college and still be able to go out at night to meet up with friends with ease.

    For colleges to the north of the city, choose Trafalgar, Chesterton or Primrose.
    For colleges in the centre, have a look at Wellington and Occupation.
    For those studying on the south side of the city you may prefer Glisson, Hooper, Cherry or Rustat.

    All our flats are fully furnished with all bedding, towels, kitchen equipment and those useful things like irons and hairdryers. Our kitchens have dishwashers and washer dryers, along with microwaves, rice cookers and all the usual kitchen equipment. Our beds have Hypnos mattresses (with a royal warrantee from The Queen) so you are sure to sleep in comfort.

    What's included

    Our aim is to make your life as easy as possible so you can focus on your studies/work and then spend your spare time with your friends.

    When you rent a Cambridge Apartment there are no hidden costs - with pretty much everything except food included. That means your rental includes all the following:-
    Your flat (of course!)
    All your electricity and gas (heating and lighting)
    Your TV and TV licence
    Weekly cleaning with fresh bedding and towels
    Replacement essentials, including toilet rolls, bin liners and light bulbs (the boring bits!)
    Super-fast WiFi
    24 phone support for emergency help

    Further, we offer many optional extras including:-
    Clothes washing
    Summer storage (between rentals)
    An arrival package with airport transfers, orientation days, welcome food pack, help with bike hire and doctors registration etc.

    Talk to us if anything you want is not listed above, we can probably help.

    Rental rates and conditions

    We want to keep it simple - you can rent your flat for exactly the weeks you need (minimum of 30) with a choice of payment terms.

    We quote all our rental rates by the week so you have the flexibility to only rent the flat for as long as you need it, subject only to a minimum of 30 weeks. You don't even have to give us your final departure date at the beginning, you can let us know nearer the time when you know your final term end date.

    We are happy to offer flexible payments terms, to suit you. Our only requirement is to have security of payment, which can be given by either having a UK based guarantor or an agreed level of up-front payment. We can take payment by month (4 week blocks) or by term. We require a deposit of a minimum of 4 weeks, subject to the other payment arrangements.

    We are offering accommodation to those who don't want to live like a student i.e. want a beautiful flat in a peaceful environment. Our tenants like to keep their flats looking nice and are considerate of their neighbours. Parties are not allowed, though friends and family are very welcome!